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Engaging EFSA

By Viviana Spaghetti, Political Consultant It is a cardinal rule of influencing the policy-making process in the EU that the earlier you’re in the game, the better your chances of achieving your objective. In Brussels, it is vital to talk to the European Commission – the EU civil service – before a legislative proposal is… » read more

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European citizens could be denied access to high potency vitamin and mineral supplements by a lack of awareness of the products’ importance amongst new Members of European Parliament, according to consumer rights organisation Consumers for Health Choice. The pan-European grassroots consumer body has warned that a turnover of more than half of the EU Parliament… » read more

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The European Union exists to regulate, and therefore it regulates, as Descartes would have said; and in no area is that more true than in that of food law argue food law experts Kasia Wilk & Chris Whitehouse. The European Union is not particularly popular at the moment, and many would like to repatriate a… » read more

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It seems common sense that, if an error is found in legislation, then this law should be immediately amended; at the very least, the erroneous provision should not be allowed to influence the course of a related court proceeding. This is not, however, how some EU Member States seem to view such a scenario. Three… » read more

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