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There have been shocking developments in the election that really matters, argues Whitehouse Consultancy Chairman, Chris Whitehouse.

In the election that really matters on Friday this week, police have swooped to make arrests for fraud, and hopes are rising that the incumbent will be unseated.

Yes, at last, there has been action taken on the long-standing and endemic corruption within football’s international body, FIFA. Six arrests by American law enforcement officers of very senior players from FIFA in their Swiss Hotel could lead to rapid extradition and court appearances for bribery.

The arrests and allegations do not, on this occasion, include action against FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, who has clung to that position at all costs for decades. But that charges are now likely to be brought for corruption within the organisation he heads cannot help his election prospects on Friday. What is more, Blatter will now go head-to-head against Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan after the two other candidates withdrew, thus uniting the anti-Blatter vote. Despite Blatter’s domination of the organisation and the complex electoral system this creates the best ever chance of international football being liberated from his suffocating throat-hold.

I’ve called consistently for action to clean out the Augean stables of FIFA, and it seems finally that action is beginning. Let’s hope that the new UK Secretary of State for Culture Media & Sport might give a clear instruction to his Sports Minister, the excellent Tracey Crouch MP, to ensure that any allegations of impropriety around our national Football Association’s failed bid to bring the World Cup to this country are now fully investigated and the police involved if appropriate. Nothing less will do if we are to restore international confidence in the UK’s national game and if the UK is to have any prospect in the future of hosting the World Cup for which we cannot again bid whilst Blatter is still running FIFA as his own personal fiefdom. Similar action is also required across Europe if we are ever to see meaningful change that will remove the world’s favourite sport from the suffocating grasp of one man.

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  1. As we are all not astute followers of football Mr C Whitehouse it is interesting to try and understand why it has taken so long to investigate the enormity of the €200 Billion backing behind this total issue. Whether there was a basic inside dealing of corruption or not is a matter of the investigations now taking place.
    From what we here alleged there are even questions being asked why the whole organisations from the very top level all the way down do not pay their relevant taxes to the Countries within which they are based and in proportion to those other corporate bodies that do so and who are co-erced to do so. The profits made by organisations in the football arena are so large and the players are so large that they need controlling. Players who are given €100 Million a year to play football (most often not registered as resident in the country where he plays) who then pays no residential income tax is as much an issue as the massive profits by the organisations. These comparators are on a par with the efforts being targeted towards the banking fraternity and yet little if any effort is made to address the issue.

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