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European citizens could be denied access to high potency vitamin and mineral supplements by a lack of awareness of the products’ importance amongst new Members of European Parliament, according to consumer rights organisation Consumers for Health Choice.

The pan-European grassroots consumer body has warned that a turnover of more than half of the EU Parliament in May’s elections could reduce access to supplements if new MEPs consider damaging arguments in favour of the harmonisation of supplements. Figures previously obtained by CHC suggest that there is a push for exceedingly low harmonised maximum permitted levels in vitamin and mineral supplements, boosting the profit margin of big multinational supplement firms at the cost of consumer choice.

CHC, which has more than a quarter of a million registered supporters, has urged consumers to demand that their MEPs are briefed on the importance of the availability of high potency vitamin and mineral supplements, and how harmonisation will benefit global corporations while driving up prices and restricting choice for consumers.

Michael Peet, Chair of Consumers for Health Choice said:

“Over half of the incoming European parliament are new and it’s important that new MEPs understand that harmonising vitamin and mineral supplements will benefit big business but would mean that hundreds of perfectly safe products disappear from shop shelves. We hope that MEPs will see the need to learn about this topic, but we urge consumers to demand that their representatives are being properly briefed so as not to fall for the flawed arguments of big business.”

Chris Whitehouse, Director of Strategy for Consumers for Health Choice said:

“Consumers now have the chance to ensure that their MEP is well-informed enough to resist the lines of slick corporate lobbyists such as Food Supplements Europe. Time is of the essence here –politics resumes in Brussels in earnest in September, and if the public acts before then they have taken a great step towards preserving their choice in safe, higher-potency vitamin and mineral supplements.”

Consumers for Health Choice has published a briefing for members of the public, telling them how they can communicate their concerns to their MEP. The briefing is available at

Consumers for Health Choice

Consumers for Health Choice is an independent European consumer organisation dedicated to fighting for individual rights and freedom of choice in health matters. We believe consumers have the right to access a wide range of natural health care products including vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, fish oils and other health foods. Much of our work is in challenging inappropriate regulation to encourage consistency, common sense and good judgement in law making, so that consumers can make informed choices for themselves, without EU interference.

CHC particularly campaign against the Food Supplements Directive, which proposes the setting of maximum permitted dose levels (MPLs) for vitamins and minerals as a starting point. Other ingredients such as botanicals and animal derived products such as creatine, glucosamine, whey protein etc would then be included in future rounds of limit setting

Campaign support for CHC is provided by The Whitehouse Consultancy, one of Europe’s leading public affairs and communications agencies.

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